What Does Decolonisation Look Like?

Remembering a traumatic past is often, to most people, difficult. Looking for answers to today’s vexing problems in that traumatic past can take people to emotional and intellectual, even spiritual places they don’t often go. To strive for fairness and equality today, then, by confronting the past of racism and colonialism is always going to raise temperatures. What is going on at University of Cape Town regarding the statue of Cecil John Rhodes in light of this is hardly surprising. In this video, which speaks about what students and staff atĀ Rhodes University think about their institution being named after the same colonialist, there are traces of the same frustration and anger felt at the University of Cape Town. What are the implications of all this? Will this end with Rhodes, or are South Africans showing signs of confronting their colonial past…?

One thought on “What Does Decolonisation Look Like?

  1. Whatever it looks like, specifically, it will likely be messy, sometimes uncontrolled and uncontrollable, and an affront to neat and tidy minds. But it will get us where we must go, kicking and screaming!

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